2022 – 2023


Thank you for your interest in Accelerator School. All students will be evaluated academically and athletically to assess compatibility with the goals and philosophy of the school in order to ensure student success. The following are necessary for enrollment consideration:

An in-person or video evaluation that allows coaches to assess the student’s soccer level.

An in-person or video meeting with the student, parents/guardians, and school administrator(s).

A copy of the most recent report card or transcript.

A copy of the final report card from the previous school year.

Copies of any standardized test results within the last three years.

A copy of current IEP, 504, and/or other documentation outlining accommodations needed (Please note that AS is able to make minor accommodations such as additional time for testing, but we do not have specialists on staff who can provide pull-out services at this time).

Teacher recommendation letter(s) addressing the following:

Academic readiness

Work ethic


Interactions with peers and adults


Strengths and weakness in the classroom environment




AS coaches reserve the right to reach out to club coaches for details on the student-athlete’s level of play, so please let us know your child’s current club team, coach’s name, and the best way to contact him or her.

Middle school students should submit at least one letter of recommendation.
High school students should submit at least two letters of recommendation.

Applicants should send all documentation directly to Accelerator School via email; there is no need to mail a hard copy:

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Upon receipt of all documentation, the application file will be reviewed and the family notified of the enrollment decision. Questions regarding enrollment should be addressed to Jackie Avallone: