Elite soccer training.

21st century middle and high school.

Enable your child to be the best versions of themselves both as a student and as an athlete. We will help them prepare for the college of their choice through an individualized development plan with a blend of experienced teachers and personalized curriculum. We provide different high-quality training programs along with our 21st Century small classroom environment and international travel study programs to set them up for success.

Accelerator School Network

With Accelerator Schools in key locations throughout the soccer world, the value of our network offers more than just international travel. We offer international exposure as a player and the transportability you will need with your education. You may be the star player back home but how do you stack up in Argentina? in Spain? We can help you find out.

Not only we will help you find out, you will bring your education with you! Our educational portability and continuity give our students the option to move from one Accelerator School to another seamlessly. As such, we can provide a truly unique experience allowing our students to be fully immersed in new cultures while progressing up the hierarchy of our soccer development programs.

Our students will be prepared for elite universities and a global 21st century. Our curriculum includes STEAM, innovation, entrepreneurship, digital media, and international study/service trips all delivered in a small classroom environment

Soccer programs adhere to each individual school, we provide everything from full-time team training environments to additional technical and individualized training programs. Each and every one of our programs are run by highly qualified coaches and directly connected to genuine soccer pathways.

The application process adheres to the local school calendar. Typically, spots are reserved in the late spring for schools starting in August or September. Half year admission in January is also possible. To learn more about the application process, please click below.

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