• AS Orange County is a 6th through 12th grade private micro-school , which is part of the Accelerator School network with our other locations in North Carolina, Maryland and Malaga Spain.
  • Our program specializes in high-level soccer development and offers an exceptional education with community service, leadership, and 21st-century components.
  • As a family of educators, we aim to provide a personalized approach that allows all students to become the best versions of themselves.
  •  Students are nurtured through blended learning practices and online support tools as well as live educators in the classroom.
  • Our model eliminates the inefficiencies found in traditional school settings allowing student-athletes to focus on their educational and athletic goals.
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SPi Development

World-class training and development, completely individualized and potential maximizing in all aspects of the game.

You will develop to the highest standard in the world only accessible to the most elite academies.

Development-First approach to long-lasting success with progressive assessments.
Guaranteed to reach your football best with professional coaches who work with world’s top pros.
NOT competition-prioritized
NOT mass development
NOT negative, ruthless, result-driven.
Training each and every aspect of a player:
  • Nutrition/Diet Planning


  • Video Analysis/Tactical


  • Strength & Conditioning/Physical


  • Futsal/Small-Sided/Application


  • Rehab/Prehab/Injury Prevention


  • Communication and Leadership

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Walkway Academy

We ALL have the ability to be great.
  • The perfect mentorship program for student-athletes to prepare for the mental, academic, and athletic rigor of college.


  • NOT punishment and failure because of “slump” and mental fatigue/weakness in academics and soccer, but complete mentality development and preparation for college rigor


  • Dedicated hours to learning all success-essential tools and skills needed for success at highest level, such as academics & soccer balancing, motivation in academics, habits, self-talk, confidence, flow, etc.
WA staff for our student-athletes include:
Mentors: former collegiate scholar-athletes and current/retired professional soccer players who were most successful academically and athletically


  • Sports Psychologists


  • NCAA Compliance Officers


  • School Teachers


  • College Coaches


  • College Coaches


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SRUSA is The World’s Leading U.S. College Soccer Recruiting Agency.

A group of former College Players and Coaches helping future College Athletes, including National Championship winning coaches.

With bases in the UK, USA, Spain and UAE and working with athletes in from all over the world, Sports Recruiting USA continue to be the leading force with it’s individual athlete marketing services, tournaments, and many other services

  • Operating since 2010


  • Help guide, market, and place individual soccer players from around the world into U.S. Colleges/Universities.


  • Helped athletes gain 10M+ in scholarships


  • Aside from the Individual Athlete Marketing ID Camps, SRUSA ID Game and Showcase events.


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Student preliminary information

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