We are excited to announce the launch of our new program: Accelerator School National Virtual Soccer Academy (NVSA). This program has been created for serious players who desire training at a higher level, a flexible and personalized academic schedule, exposure to professional pathways, and the adventure of different cultures through the lens of soccer. The NVSA strives to bring together like-minded student-athletes from around the country for the experience of a lifetime.


Who is involved? 


We have constructed a network of professional trainers, educators, and best-in-class suppliers who are considered experts in their fields, many of whom work with very well known players. We have come together to provide NVSA students with a unique opportunity to learn and train. To date our network includes the following and is continuing to expand: 

  • Accelerator School to manage and coordinate educational activities (Jackie Avallone)
  • Athletic Lab for soccer fitness and speed training (Mike Young)
  • BeastMode Soccer for technical skills development (David Copeland Smith)
  • Dean Linke, sports broadcaster, who will host our pro game watching series
  • Duktig Brand for notebooks (Tiffany Weimer and Adelaide Gay)
  • Edgenuity Virtual Academy for curriculum content and online teachers
  • FC Malaga City Academy for training and game arrangement in Spain
  • GoPlay Sports for travel arrangements
  • Soccer Parenting Association (Skye Eddy Bruce)
  • SoccerPulse for athlete performance tracking (Matt Danaher)
  • Techne Futbol for technical skills development (Yael Averbuch)
  • Wake Competition Center as location for one or more of the U.S. camps
  • WellPerformance for sports psychology (Stuart Singer)
  • A dedicated group of former professional players and professional coaches to coordinate player game review, positional and tactical instruction

Who makes an excellent NVSA candidate? 

  • A player who enjoys his/her current club but wants to continue training once the season ends. (Players would stay registered with their clubs as an NVSA student.)
  • A player who plays above the local high school team’s level. 
  • A player who enjoys having a personalized, flexible school schedule that is academically challenging and paves the way for future endeavors. 
  • A player who is dedicated, goal-oriented, and is willing to push his/her limits. 


What is the plan for academics? 

As with all of our AS programs, we offer online courses that are accredited and NCAA approved. Our NVSA students complete their classes from the comfort of home with the support of an AS teacher (via Zoom) supplementing the online teachers who are assigned to each course. One of the biggest benefits of our program is that it allows students to continue working on their academics no matter where in the world they are. As long as they have a wifi connection, they can be “in school.” Students do not need to worry about excessive absences due to travel or about transferring schools if they plan to take advantage of training opportunities elsewhere. No more having to choose between a quality education and top-notch training! (See below for more details on those training opportunities.) 


As a side note, one of the very few upsides of the coronavirus situation is that we proved our theory of online education allowing students to continue working under a variety of conditions. Our currently enrolled students barely missed a beat when schools were forced to close. They continued their studies almost as if the pandemic never happened. It will surely be a relief to NVSA parents and students to know they will not have to worry about schools opening and closing, implementing COVID protocols, or dealing with the scramble to move classes online due to the ever-changing COVID situation. Our educational program is in place, steady and strong. 


How is training structured? 

Training sessions will be coordinated using the Peloton model in which we host live sessions giving personalized encouragement and feedback in real-time. We have put this model into practice at AS Raleigh with positive results, and we’re confident it can continue to be successful long-term. 


  • Live training weekdays for 1.5 hours starting at 9:00 a.m. ET and 9:00 a.m. PT to accommodate students in all U.S. time zones. 
  • Our training program includes: 
    • Skills training 3 days/week
    • Game review 1 day/week
    • Tactical training 1 day/week
    • Positional instruction 1 day/week
    • Sports psychology 1 day/week
    • Soccer fitness training 1 day/week
    • Soccer speed training 1 day/week
    • 21-century learning series 1 day/week
      (topics include soccer nutrition, personal finance, social media management, LinkedIn profile management, and more.) 
  • All training sessions will be recorded allowing students to revisit them at any time for review or in the event the student has to miss the live training for any reason. 
  • Note that if there are two or more players who live in the same area, we will coordinate small group training locally, which will continue to improve the value and quality of the training. 

What about games in non-club months?

In the off-season, we will provide national and international opportunities for NVSA students to showcase their skills and continue developing. 

  • Nationally: We plan to hold a 7- to 10-day overnight camp in the U.S. We will evolve teams and play one or two games locally as a team during the camp. The camp locations will be dependent upon the geographic distribution of players. 
  • Internationally: Trips will be organized to Spain,  England, or Argentina/Uruguay for 6 to 10 weeks. While there, players will have a minimum of six quality games as well as some cultural excursions. (If international travel restrictions are still in place, we will change the schedule to include more camps in the U.S.)



How much does NVSA cost?

The inaugural class price has been set at $14,950, which includes all training, online curriculum and support, as well as room and board when traveling. All expenses are covered except the cost of airfare (domestically and internationally) and spending money.